Best Day Ever

Have you ever had a  “Best Day Ever” day. I believe we can have good days, great days and even fantastic days. But a “Best Day Ever” day doesn’t come around often and it touches your heart and soul and it’s never forgotten. 

Saturday 10/1/16

I wanted to tell you about my Saturday. It was the greatest day I’ve had in a long time with my kids? I took off from work because it was Harrison’s 2nd Birthday. Hayden and Grace also had Scout activities. So this is how it went. 

Wake up by 7:30a 

Cub Scout Show and Sell

9-12p Hayden and Mom selling Popcorn outside of Publix. I have a new respect for what these people are trying to do for kids. I loved every minute and was very proud of him. The boys that worked Saturday made about $350 ? They are working for a trip to NASA and sleep under the space shuttle ?

Then we went home after getting party stuff at Publix and went home and had a small family party for Harrison. He’s 2!!?He got the balloon, cake and couple toys he likes and that’s all needed to be happy?He’s such a happy child. His new favorite song is “Oh Happy Day”. I sing it to him every night and he’s starting to sing it too?

Then at 7p Grace and I went to a Mother Daughter 80’s party with all the North Port Troops and danced and laughed and then we went for an ice cream after. We had such a great time. Grace needed some Mom time away from the boys. She kept telling me what a great day she was having. I said I’m glad you had fun honey. Then she said “This is the Best Day Ever Mommy.”

I don’t get many chances to have this one on one time with my kids it usually all or nothing. I’ve been trying to change the pace for them though and let them branch out from always being together. They need to find that independence. Having that time with each of them meant so much to me, I hope they had a good time too ? 
I loved my day!! 

?Share you “Best Day Ever” day in the comments below? ?

5 words you should not say

Eliminating these 5 words from your vocabulary can make a world of difference.

I CAN”T – Ever heard the phrase “Can’t never could do nothing” this is something I remember my parents saying to my sister and I growing up. Basically if you say you can’t do something without even trying you won’t know if you CAN. Be bold and try. Even if you fail at least you know you tried and who knows you might get the courage to try again.
I WON”T – I think this word is another way of saying “I can’t.” Saying I won’t puts a stronger label on not wanting to do something because you think you “can’t.” I feel people should weigh out the options and outcomes and again TRY! If it doesn’t work out then there is reason to say “I won’t do that again.” Now there are times this word is necessary but only if there is risk of injury to one self or others or compromises your morals and values.
I QUIT – No one wants to be a quitter but it can be the easiest thing to give into. Quitting is another defense mechanism we use. We love to use this word because we feel we are protecting ourselves from failure or embarrassment. Learn from those life experiences, failure or being embarrassed isn’t always a bad thing. If we can open our eyes and mind and find the positive we can change the whole way we view life.
NEVER – This can be the worst of words to use because it doesn’t provide any room for  deciding to do something. I think it programs are minds to throw great ideas and experiences in the trash so we don’t have to revisit them. Someone that says “I’ll NEVER try that” doesn’t want to be reminded by other people and thus they “NEVER” will do it.
HATE – Erase this word not only from your vocabulary but your mind all together. This word is useless and only destroys things. Using the word Hate gives a false impression of your character. Not liking something or be bothered by something someone does or says is ok. Saying “I hate” slams the door on ever trying to like that thing that bothers us so much.
It basically boils down to giving yourself a chance in this one life you have to do great things. Even if those things seem small to some, they can be huge for others. Learning to embrace life’s challenges not only teaches us but builds an awesome foundation for our children.
I believe children are like sponges and are extremely impressionable and we need to set an example. Talk to your kids about their day and help them find the positive and the courage to turn it around.
Be still and let things come and of course don’t sweat the small stuff.
SMILE everyday! ?

Have a blessed day!

Proud Scout Mom

Doing our best

When I was growing up clubs and activities I participated in mainly consisted of things I could sign up for in school. I knew girls that were involved in Girl Scouts but never really had the opportunity or interest in joining. I actually didn’t get involved in clubs until I was in High School. My cousin Clara was like a big sister to me. She showed me that there was more than just going through the motions in life.Clara introduced me to FFA the first year of High School. I learned so much about agriculture, animal husbandry, team work, dedication and leadership. 

I am now a Mom of 3 and it is now my turn to show my kids what is out in the world for them. This week we attending our first meeting of Cub Scouts and then Girl Scouts. I was very impressed with what the Troop leaders were wanting the kids to take away from Scouting. 

We officially have a Cub Scout Bear and a Girl Scout Daisy in the Lane home. Let the adventure begin!! We have a busy couple months ahead of us but it looks like loads of fun. This is very new to me and I was a bit nervous at first but the Troop leaders made this an easy decision. The dedication they have and the structure they will provide I welcome with open arms.

cub-scout-bear-patch   american-flag-with-pledge   girl-scout-daisy


My kids are extremely excited about getting started and I can see the motivation wheels starting to turn in their little heads. I strongly believe they are going to grow and gain so much being involved with our community and forming a bond with kids their age. I am excited and proud that they wanted to do this. I’m a SCOUT MOM! 😉



Low carb lifestyle update

Busy Mom and low carb lifestyle

A few months ago I posted about being a busy Mom and trying to lose weight by living a low carb lifestyle. I did really well the first couple weeks and then got of track.  Three weeks ago I decided enough was enough and that I needed to do this and stick with it. I hadn’t weighed myself in a couple months and I was terrified that I would weigh more than before. To my surprise I was actually 18 pounds less and this sparked a fired inside me.

I have been doing really well and when I weighed the following week I lost another 10 pounds. Cutting out the sugary carbs like ice cream and those hazel nut iced coffees I love so much have helped.  I’ve cut my meal portions and focus more on healthy carb choices. My kids have benefited from the change as well and we all are learning to make healthier choices. I will be weighing myself every Saturday morning when I go to work and I log my progress on a app I have on my phone. 

fullsizerender-7    me-and-grace   me-and-hayden2

It has only been 3 wks but I can see and feel the difference with 28lbs gone.

Some of the low carb options I have given myself I think keep me out of trouble like eating a bowl of ice cream or raiding the cookies. I make sure I allow myself low carb ice cream or fruits when I have a sweet tooth. Keeping snacks like string cheese, almonds and beef jerky around help with my salty tooth…haha. My kids keep me pretty active and now that the kids are in school they are too. We are visiting the park more often and instead of sitting and watching I am staying active with them.

I will update this post in a couple months but if you want to follow my progress you can check out my photos on my facebook or instagram page. Thank you to everyone that has been giving me support to live a healthier life style. 😉 

Apple Cake with Cinnamon sugar glaze

Apple cake with cinnamon sugar glaze

One of my husbands favorite meals is fried pork chops, mashed potatoes and fresh green beans.  I decided to make it for him and with help from the kids we peeled potatoes and snapped the green beans. While frying the chops I started thinking what could I do to make this not just a good meal to come home to but a good meal with a great ending. APPLE CAKE!

apple-cake          apple-cake-alamode

3 large apples, peeled and diced

3 cups of flour

1 cup of vegetable oil

3 eggs

2 cups sugar

1 Tbsp vanilla

(missing ingredient) 1 tsp baking soda, so add if you like your cake fluffier.

Preheat oven to 350 and cook for 50min, top should be golden brown.

Mix the oil, eggs and sugar together then slowly add the flour until mixed well. Next add in the apples and vanilla. Pour into a greased 9×13 inch pan and spread evenly. After cake is done Mix 2 cups of powdered sugar, a Tbsp of cinnamon and 2 Tbsp of milk and then pour over entire cake to cover the top. (I also poked holes randomly so that the glazed would seep into the cake a bit). 

He enjoyed every bite of the dinner and said the desert was awesome. The recipe above is the one I followed with the ingredients I had to work with. If you try it, I hope your like it as much as he did.. ENJOY!!!

Splash Pad Fun!!

Girl power at the splash pad!

The day after the Slumber party we all got up and started getting ready to go to the splash pad. I packed some snack and drinks while the girls changed into their swim suits. We were all excited about playing at the splash pad before everyone had to go back to their homes. First we had to go get Grace a swim suit, so we made a mad dash into the store and we were on our way!!

iphone2016 077We arrived at the park they couldn’t get out of their seats fast enough. Luckily we found a parking spot right up front so they could go while I unloaded our stuff. Little Harrison was screaming his sisters name the closer we got to the splash pad. I called the girls over to get a girl power picture. One of the fountains got Reese right on top of the head..haha!

iphone2016 082 iphone2016 081

They ran around and played and took snack breaks, made friends with other kids and just had a really awesome time together. When it was time to go, we hugged and I told the we would do this again. Aaliyah asked if she could stay one more night with Grace. PLEEEAASE!

Resting up for more fun!
Resting up for more fun!

iphone2016 108

Grace and Aaliyah were so excited to spend the night together again. After some left over pizza and a quick bath we put in a movie and played a couple of games. The house was much quieter this time and little brother Harrison was able to join in the fun. The slumber party was a success and I hear the girls are still talking about it.  I know Grace is, shes already come up with new ideas with meal options.

This experience was great and I’m excited about the next one. 


Slumber Party!!

Girly Slumber Party.

My daughter just had her first Slumber party, yes there were 4 little giggly sugar crazed girls running around my house. Cousin Reese (8), Cousin Elizabeth (6) and Friend Aalyiah (5) and of course Grace (6). After spending the day visiting and picking up our slumber party gals we headed back home to start the slumber party fun. First stop was the grocery store where the girls picked out snacks and drinks (you know, candy and fruit punch…haha!) and then we headed to pick up our yummy cheese pizza.


On our way!
On our way!
Let the Party Begin!!





The girls had so much fun picking out what ever they wanted to drink and snack on at the store. There was little girly squealing down each isle. Of course first thing was get a cookie from the bakery….hahaha!!

Time for tea party with Strawberry lemonade, candy and ripped up pieces of pizza. They looked so cute sitting on the little tea party plates. Then it was off to paint nails. They decided to each paint their own nails, and boy that was interesting to watch..haha! There was nail polish everywhere. 

iphone2016 064

Tea Party Time!
Tea Party Time!

Next they took a group photo and everyone said nighty night to Harrison. Then it was time to decorate the sugar cookies with chocolate icing ad the girls picked their candies from earlierYUM!

iphone2016 061  iphone2016 069

As the night went on the girls asked several times if it was midnight yet. “Midnight” was the goal. Aaliyah kept saying “this is the best sleepover ever” They started to settle for the night, they played on the ipad and then went to bed watching a movie. They never made it to midnight. ;-(

settling down playing on the ipad.
settling down playing on the ipad.
Asleep by 11:16pm, so close.
Asleep by 11:16pm, so close.

I had a great time with these girls the next day we ended our Girl Power Fun at the Splash pad not to far from our home. What a Great Day!


Pork Loin Chops with veggies


Pork Loin boneless chops with veggies

Two 4 packs of boneless pork loin chops
Medium sweet onion
5 medium potatoes with skins
10 Large baby carrots sliced in 1/2 or 1/4
1 can golden kernel corn
iphone2016 015
Season both sides of chops and seer in a skillet each side until there is a golden crust on the meat. Place back into roasting pan. Chop potatoes, Onion and slice the carrots. Place veggies around the meat and some on top. Add one can of golden corn with juice and stir in. Season top of veggies. Cover with foil. 
Bake at 350 for 45 min
Then remove foil and cook at 400 for 30 min
This dish is super easy and large enough to have left overs. Which is always a favorite in my house. These chops are also delicious with a gravy sauce and mashed potatoes. I like the flavor of all the veggie with the meat. 
I hope you try this recipe and enjoy every bite of it.  Thanks!!?

Have a blessed day!

Sausage, mushroom, onion and Pepper stir fry.

Sautéed mushrooms, onions and bell peppers with a splash of vegetable oil. Add in stir fried chopped sausage. Salt and pepper to taste. I used the mix in a low carb wrap with a little cheese and sour cream.  Delicious!! Enjoy ? Net carbs 6 per serving with wrap. image



Happy Father’s Day Weekend

Father’s Day is drawing near and my little monkeys have been excited about what to get their Dad for Father’s Day. My husband is one of the hardest working men I know. He works long days through the week and is exhausted when he gets home. We all love and appreciate him more than he will ever know. We are so blessed to have such a loving husband and father in our lives.

The kids really had their heart set on buying a new leather recliner for their Dad, his is broken and not as comfortable these days. Unfortunately the cost of a recliner doesn’t fit within our budget this month but crafty gifts do! My husband mentioned that he would like something the kids made or painted for Fathers Day.

So I snagged a couple of his terracotta pots and I let the kids picked out some herbs from the store they will plant in the pots they paint. While at the store we found more crafty items, like letters that spell DAD. I gave each one a letter to paint however they wanted. They are proud of their creations and can’t wait to give them to their Dad.

For my Father’s Birthday today we found some letters that spelled PAPA to paint and a plain blue t-shirt that they each put their painted hand print on. I used some puffy paint to put their names next to each hand, it’s so cute! I wanna make one for my husband now and I think I’m gonna…ha ha!

iphone2016 014 PAINT PARTY iphone2016 037  iphone2016 047        iphone2016 041  iphone2016 016                       Happy Father's Day

I want to wish all the Fathers a happy and wonderful Father’s Day on Sunday. Thank you for all the hard work you give to your family and for always being there.