5 words you should not say

Eliminating these 5 words from your vocabulary can make a world of difference.

I CAN”T – Ever heard the phrase “Can’t never could do nothing” this is something I remember my parents saying to my sister and I growing up. Basically if you say you can’t do something without even trying you won’t know if you CAN. Be bold and try. Even if you fail at least you know you tried and who knows you might get the courage to try again.
I WON”T – I think this word is another way of saying “I can’t.” Saying I won’t puts a stronger label on not wanting to do something because you think you “can’t.” I feel people should weigh out the options and outcomes and again TRY! If it doesn’t work out then there is reason to say “I won’t do that again.” Now there are times this word is necessary but only if there is risk of injury to one self or others or compromises your morals and values.
I QUIT – No one wants to be a quitter but it can be the easiest thing to give into. Quitting is another defense mechanism we use. We love to use this word because we feel we are protecting ourselves from failure or embarrassment. Learn from those life experiences, failure or being embarrassed isn’t always a bad thing. If we can open our eyes and mind and find the positive we can change the whole way we view life.
NEVER – This can be the worst of words to use because it doesn’t provide any room for  deciding to do something. I think it programs are minds to throw great ideas and experiences in the trash so we don’t have to revisit them. Someone that says “I’ll NEVER try that” doesn’t want to be reminded by other people and thus they “NEVER” will do it.
HATE – Erase this word not only from your vocabulary but your mind all together. This word is useless and only destroys things. Using the word Hate gives a false impression of your character. Not liking something or be bothered by something someone does or says is ok. Saying “I hate” slams the door on ever trying to like that thing that bothers us so much.
It basically boils down to giving yourself a chance in this one life you have to do great things. Even if those things seem small to some, they can be huge for others. Learning to embrace life’s challenges not only teaches us but builds an awesome foundation for our children.
I believe children are like sponges and are extremely impressionable and we need to set an example. Talk to your kids about their day and help them find the positive and the courage to turn it around.
Be still and let things come and of course don’t sweat the small stuff.
SMILE everyday! 😊

Have a blessed day!

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Hi, I am a blessed Mom of 3 little monkeys, 2 boys and 1 girl but my life has been full of little monkeys even before I became a Mom. I've worked in the veterinary field for about 20 years now and have taken care of many animals either in boarding, general medical and emergencies. I've been an emergency technician for the past 13 years and it has allowed me to have more one on one attention with my other little monkeys, my patients. Children and Animals have always been close to my heart and I love learning what I can to help them feel safe and secure and be happy and healthy. I have been with the love of my life for 16 years, he is a wonderful husband and father. My husband has a green thumb particularly favors tropical plants so I may chat about that from time to time. I enjoy scrap booking, themed birthday parties and kids crafts. I attend continuing education classes and conferences to keep up with the ever changing animal world. I am big on client education and making sure people are familiar with their pets needs. I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts and opinions in this monkey world of mine.

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