Low carb lifestyle update

Busy Mom and low carb lifestyle

A few months ago I posted about being a busy Mom and trying to lose weight by living a low carb lifestyle. I did really well the first couple weeks and then got of track.  Three weeks ago I decided enough was enough and that I needed to do this and stick with it. I hadn’t weighed myself in a couple months and I was terrified that I would weigh more than before. To my surprise I was actually 18 pounds less and this sparked a fired inside me.

I have been doing really well and when I weighed the following week I lost another 10 pounds. Cutting out the sugary carbs like ice cream and those hazel nut iced coffees I love so much have helped.  I’ve cut my meal portions and focus more on healthy carb choices. My kids have benefited from the change as well and we all are learning to make healthier choices. I will be weighing myself every Saturday morning when I go to work and I log my progress on a app I have on my phone. 

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It has only been 3 wks but I can see and feel the difference with 28lbs gone.

Some of the low carb options I have given myself I think keep me out of trouble like eating a bowl of ice cream or raiding the cookies. I make sure I allow myself low carb ice cream or fruits when I have a sweet tooth. Keeping snacks like string cheese, almonds and beef jerky around help with my salty tooth…haha. My kids keep me pretty active and now that the kids are in school they are too. We are visiting the park more often and instead of sitting and watching I am staying active with them. 



I will update this post in a couple months but if you want to follow my progress you can check out my photos on my facebook or instagram page. Thank you to everyone that has been giving me support to live a healthier life style. 😉 

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