Pet Loss…losing a family member

One of the Hardest things about my job is watching a client¬†go through the loss of a pet. When I was growing up if a pet died you were sad and said your goodbyes and that was the part of life. As I’ve grown through these years in the veterinary profession I’ve watch the change in how people respond to the loss of a pet. A majority of people feel that their pet is a part of their family and treat them as such so when that family member is no longer with us we are devastated. My family had to euthanize our dog right after my youngest son was born, I am sad that he will never meet such a great dog but blessed that she was with us for 12yrs?

Sweet old lady ;-)
Sweet old lady ūüėČ

Over the years I have had clients have to make the decision for humane euthanasia due to old age or chronic conditions. Each persons reaction is different but they all have that same look of loosing a part of their family. When I speak to these clients before and after the loss of their pet I try to remind them to remember the good stuff and hold on to those memories that make their heart smile.?
We are blessed for the time we have with our furry little monkeys and they know how much the are loved. Making a hard decision about humane euthanasia or having a sudden loss can be one of the hardest things to go through but it can be the kindest and to know that they aren’t hurting anymore.
When a client thanks me for being there not only for them but there loved one, I know I’ve done my job. Remember the good stuff and smile, and when your ready, open your heart up to another fur baby that needs you as much as you need them?
This is our Nina Girl. 

She was about 3 years old here.
She was about 3 years old here.

Busy Mom and low carb life style

I am a true to testimonial of how trying to manage busy Mommy life and maintain a low carb life style can be a challenge. I have tried many “diets” but I’ve found just changing the way I eat and cut out all the sugary carbs my body responds best. So once again I’m on the low carb journey. I believe everyone has to find what works for them. So if I know what works for me then why do have a problem staying on track? By the 6 month mark and fall back into my bad habits. I have been successful several times and losing 60 to 100 pounds each time. I am a Mom of three crazy little monkeys and all three were here with ¬†6 years¬†? and they were all big babies 9.11, 11.7 and 10.12. So that added to the weight gain each time also, thankfully I have never had any health concerns being heavy through my life.
Kids can be a great excuse for not eating the way your body responds best. It is way easier to grab a few packs of crackers, chips or stop for fast food. I’ve learned over time that it’s ok to throw items for myself in the snack bag.¬† If I have almonds or cheese sticks or just something to snack on while I’m out and about I’m less likely to get off track. There are 5 staple snacks that I like to have on hand to cover basis for a SNACK ATTACK… know what I’m talking about.

Snack_Zipper_0178Mommy Snacks!!   string cheese

  1. Nuts! snack¬†mix¬†–¬†almonds,walnuts, sunflower seeds, pecans – energy boost
  2. String cheese ūüėČ the name says it all..haha!
  3. Pork rinds, not everyone’s fave but hey this is my list, switch it up ūüôā
  4. Sugar free Jello and whipped cream, so yummy
  5. Low Carb chocolate ice cream, you know for those chocolate attacks.   th09Z6R562

I will update my progress through this next weight loss journey. ūüėČ

Summer time fun! 10 must have items

cartoon-sun-hiSummer time is here, let the fun begin. cartoon-sun-hi

This summer I am fortunate to have more time with my kids and I want to make their summer fun but educational as well. I want to show my kids another side to learning besides what they’ve been doing in school. I would like for the kids to have some hands on experiences and I know that can mean a messy day. I’m not a Mom that’s afraid of a mess but I do like to have a back up plan¬†and my little monkeys seem to always find the mess. ūüėČ So I’ve planned a few little road trip adventures to teach them about animals and create some memories learning crafts and outdoor activities. But this monkey Mama¬†never leaves the house with out a few must have items to keep life simpler. ūüôā

summer_travel_sticker_icons_6815615 10 must have items
1. Sanitizer/wipes/paper towels/small trash bag – these are most important
2. Change of clothes/shoes – no explanation needed, you know you will need them. (don’t forget underwear)
3. Snacks- Never leave home without peanut butter or gold fish crackers. 
4. Bottled water¬†– grab one for each of you, I promise you’ll thank me later.
5. Sun screen/ hats – I’m in Florida!(maybe that should be #1)
6. Towel –¬†cause someone will pee in their car seat.
7. CD’s – yeah! Kidz Bop
8. Medicine –¬†Benadryl if you live in a buggy state like me.
9. Camera –¬†To capture the day
10. Mommy stuff. – whatever you want but hey, you got the kids covered. ?
Throw everything into a back pack and your set for the day.

¬†Stay tuned for up dates on our adventures this summer. I’m going to give each kid a memories box to keep souvenirs and decorate the outside with stickers from the places we visit.¬†brown-travel-briefcases-with-smiling-face

It’s gonna be a great Summer! Stay safe ?


Happy Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day is here ūüėČ

I have always tried to lead by example when it comes to helping others. Kids can be the best of helpers when they are little but as they get bigger they need motivation to lend a helping hand. Any time I “purge” from my kids¬†stock pile of toys or clothes I try to tell them where the items will go and who they will help. I think having them involved in choosing¬†items they don’t need or use anymore helps¬†them think of who that next person will be. Thinking of the next person is the best way I can explain why we should let go of things, lend a helping hand or part with a few dollars to help a good cause.

My kids have been so excited for the past month about Red Nose Day. They saw the display when we stopped in Walgreens after school one day. I allowed them to each get a red nose, “This is the best day ever” said my son. That got him asking questions about what the $1¬†donation was going towards and “What was Red Nose Day?” We looked it up and they immediately decided we needed to celebrate. Today we did, we bought Red Nose gear and it was fun taking silly pictures. Before bed I let them watch a little of the Red Nose Day show and after listening to a few stories and hearing people donate my son says “Hey Mom, I wish there was a way I could donate my $6 dollars.” He was proud to know that the money we spent on Red Nose products went to help needy children.

This Mama was very proud of her little monkeys today.

Red Nose Day       Red Nose family selfie


Photo with Walgreens employee Mr. Orie
Photo with Walgreens employee Mr. Orie

Pot Pie Puffs – Quick and Tasty

 Pre heat oven to 400

1 can of home style biscuits, 1 can of chicken pot pie soup (chunky), 1 bag of frozen mixed veggies and 3 boneless/skinless chick thighs. 

These Pot Pie Puffs are quick and easy and so tasty.   

Stir fry chunk chopped chicken thighs and season to taste. I buy the frozen mixed veggies in the steamer bag and cook one bag and mix with the can of chunky chicken pot pie soup ( soup cooks in the oven) then add cooked chicken. Open biscuits and cut about half of them in half,  enough to fill your muffin sheet. Spray the muffin tin and baking sheet with non stick spray. Press each half of the biscuit in to the muffin tin and make a cup, then spoon mixture in each cup until full.(cheese on top is optional) You should have extra biscuits and mix so just flatten out the remaining whole biscuits and spoon a heap of mix in the center and top it with another flat biscuit. Pinch the edges or press around with a fork to seal edges, add fork pokes on top for venting. Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes. Depending on your stove you may have to adjust temp or time. I like to take soft butter or margarine and brush it on top and edges when they come out of the oven.


iphone2016 2459            iphone2016 2460

Quick tips:

Make up different versions of these puffs for on the go breakfast or an easy to pack lunch. These puffs freeze well and are hot and delicious within a minute or two in the microwave. My son is particularly fond of the bacon,egg and cheese biscuit puffs. There are many possibilities to make quick little deserts also, double yum!!

Here are links to a couple of recipe sites I like to visit. Let me know what you think, Thanks


Kids and Pets

Do you ever find yourself listening to someone talking about their kids and you interrupt to tell a similar story about your dog or cat. Well congratulations you’re the proud parent of a “fur baby”. ¬†I find myself chatting with clients about their pet and family and I never leave the room without telling something about one of my little monkeys. People that treat their pets like “kids” have the best stories too, some maybe a bit different but you can see the love and loyalty. *Smile*

Dog takes over bed                          Shepard

If I had a penny for every time some one said to me that their pet was their life or their child, I would have A LOT of pennies. The fact of the matter is most pets these days are considered one of the family. “My child” “My grand dog” “The love of my life”. I remember when I first started in the veterinary field, dogs were dogs and cats were cats. Today we as a society have rooms for our pets, clothes depending on the weather, play dates, daycare, beaches, I could go on and on. Most people spend as much or more on their pet as they would their child and if the pet is considered the “child” then look out pet stores!

funny animal                    Pet-Wedding

We buy things for our fur babies and¬†are probably more excited than they are about the gift. Oh sure they show excitement and run around with it and play with it for a little bit but soon that awesome toy or treat is in corner and the little monkey is¬†playing with the packaging. I have never met a cat or toddler that didn’t love a box or laundry basket. Those make the best pictures anyway!! ūüėČ

IMG_1297_edited  iphone2016 2504

Kids and Pets are good for your soul. We run through life so fast sometimes and forget to soak up the good stuff. Enjoy that unconditional love…. It’s the good stuff. ūüėČ


Monkeys jumping on the bed and my worst fear

My kids LOVE my bed!!¬†Jumping on the bed has always been a favorite of every child I know.¬† At least once in your life you have jumped up and down on a bed whether you were allowed to or not.¬† My husband and I purchase a king size bed and you should have seen the delight on my son and daughter’s face. First question asked, “Can we jump on your bed!! Please!!” I’ve allowed them to jump on the bed a few times but always with the warning “Be careful”, “Don’t fall off.”

First day of the new bunk bed.
First day of the new bunk bed. My 3 little Monkeys.

One day I caught them bouncing around on the top bunk and causing the bunk bed to knock against the wall. I explained to them that they can’t play that way up there and the top bunk was not for 2 kids especially to wrestle. They got down and continued their play on the floor but then my son decided to “get away” from my daughter and run up the ladder to his bed. CRACK!! the ladder split down one side and the bracket hit the floor. Thankfully my son made it to the top before falling.

Since then we have had the ladder repaired and honestly it seemed sturdier then when we first purchased it, so we thought. Two weeks ago my son was climbing the bunk bed and when he decided to climb down the bracket broke once again. Unfortunately he had nothing to hang onto and he landed on his left arm. So off to the emergency room we went, there is was determined that he fractured his wrist and would have to go see an Orthopedic Specialist the next day.  I was told by the specialist that his wrist was not fractured but badly dislocated and needed to be corrected immediately due to risk of trauma to the growth plates in his wrist. So the we went straight to the surgery center where the doctor pulled his wrist back into place and a full arm cast was put on to keep all the bones immobilized.  He is doing well and everything has been healing well.

052                    Mama called the doctor

The next week we were in the library and I saw a children’s book titled “5 little monkeys jumping on the bed” I showed my son and we laughed. I told him he was a little monkey and “No more monkeys jumping on the bed.” As if that will stop them ūüôā

As soon as they say good night to Mama, the five little monkeys start to jump on their bed. But trouble lies ahead as, one by one, they fall off and hurt themselves. "Whether sublimely happy or ridiculously goofy, Christelow's expressive monkeys pack a lot of appeal." -- School Library Journal, starred review
As soon as they say good night to Mama, the five little monkeys start to jump on their bed. But trouble lies ahead as, one by one, they fall off and hurt themselves. “Whether sublimely happy or ridiculously goofy, Christelow’s expressive monkeys pack a lot of appeal.” — School Library Journal, starred review

Life with Monkeys is always interesting…