Splash Pad Fun!!

Girl power at the splash pad!

The day after the Slumber party we all got up and started getting ready to go to the splash pad. I packed some snack and drinks while the girls changed into their swim suits. We were all excited about playing at the splash pad before everyone had to go back to their homes. First we had to go get Grace a swim suit, so we made a mad dash into the store and we were on our way!!

iphone2016 077We arrived at the park they couldn’t get out of their seats fast enough. Luckily we found a parking spot right up front so they could go while I unloaded our stuff. Little Harrison was screaming his sisters name the closer we got to the splash pad. I called the girls over to get a girl power picture. One of the fountains got Reese right on top of the head..haha!

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They ran around and played and took snack breaks, made friends with other kids and just had a really awesome time together. When it was time to go, we hugged and I told the we would do this again. Aaliyah asked if she could stay one more night with Grace. PLEEEAASE!

Resting up for more fun!
Resting up for more fun!

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Grace and Aaliyah were so excited to spend the night together again. After some left over pizza and a quick bath we put in a movie and played a couple of games. The house was much quieter this time and little brother Harrison was able to join in the fun. The slumber party was a success and I hear the girls are still talking about it.  I know Grace is, shes already come up with new ideas with meal options.

This experience was great and I’m excited about the next one. 


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  1. Lizzy went to her grandma’s this weekend and the first thing outta her mouth was…”went to the splash pad with my cool aunt and cousins and we had so much fun Grandma!!!!!

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