Summer time fun! 10 must have items

cartoon-sun-hiSummer time is here, let the fun begin. cartoon-sun-hi

This summer I am fortunate to have more time with my kids and I want to make their summer fun but educational as well. I want to show my kids another side to learning besides what they’ve been doing in school. I would like for the kids to have some hands on experiences and I know that can mean a messy day. I’m not a Mom that’s afraid of a mess but I do like to have a back up plan and my little monkeys seem to always find the mess. 😉 So I’ve planned a few little road trip adventures to teach them about animals and create some memories learning crafts and outdoor activities. But this monkey Mama never leaves the house with out a few must have items to keep life simpler. 🙂

summer_travel_sticker_icons_6815615 10 must have items
1. Sanitizer/wipes/paper towels/small trash bag – these are most important
2. Change of clothes/shoes – no explanation needed, you know you will need them. (don’t forget underwear)
3. Snacks- Never leave home without peanut butter or gold fish crackers. 
4. Bottled water – grab one for each of you, I promise you’ll thank me later.
5. Sun screen/ hats – I’m in Florida!(maybe that should be #1)
6. Towel – cause someone will pee in their car seat.
7. CD’s – yeah! Kidz Bop
8. Medicine – Benadryl if you live in a buggy state like me.
9. Camera – To capture the day
10. Mommy stuff. – whatever you want but hey, you got the kids covered. ?
Throw everything into a back pack and your set for the day.

 Stay tuned for up dates on our adventures this summer. I’m going to give each kid a memories box to keep souvenirs and decorate the outside with stickers from the places we visit. brown-travel-briefcases-with-smiling-face

It’s gonna be a great Summer! Stay safe ?


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Hi, I am a blessed Mom of 3 little monkeys, 2 boys and 1 girl but my life has been full of little monkeys even before I became a Mom. I’ve worked in the veterinary field for about 20 years now and have taken care of many animals either in boarding, general medical and emergencies. I’ve been an emergency technician for the past 13 years and it has allowed me to have more one on one attention with my other little monkeys, my patients. Children and Animals have always been close to my heart and I love learning what I can to help them feel safe and secure and be happy and healthy. I have been with the love of my life for 16 years, he is a wonderful husband and father. My husband has a green thumb particularly favors tropical plants so I may chat about that from time to time. I enjoy scrap booking, themed birthday parties and kids crafts. I attend continuing education classes and conferences to keep up with the ever changing animal world. I am big on client education and making sure people are familiar with their pets needs. I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts and opinions in this monkey world of mine.

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