Pet Loss…losing a family member

One of the Hardest things about my job is watching a client go through the loss of a pet. When I was growing up if a pet died you were sad and said your goodbyes and that was the part of life. As I’ve grown through these years in the veterinary profession I’ve watch the change in how people respond to the loss of a pet. A majority of people feel that their pet is a part of their family and treat them as such so when that family member is no longer with us we are devastated. My family had to euthanize our dog right after my youngest son was born, I am sad that he will never meet such a great dog but blessed that she was with us for 12yrs?

Sweet old lady ;-)
Sweet old lady 😉

Over the years I have had clients have to make the decision for humane euthanasia due to old age or chronic conditions. Each persons reaction is different but they all have that same look of loosing a part of their family. When I speak to these clients before and after the loss of their pet I try to remind them to remember the good stuff and hold on to those memories that make their heart smile.?
We are blessed for the time we have with our furry little monkeys and they know how much the are loved. Making a hard decision about humane euthanasia or having a sudden loss can be one of the hardest things to go through but it can be the kindest and to know that they aren’t hurting anymore.
When a client thanks me for being there not only for them but there loved one, I know I’ve done my job. Remember the good stuff and smile, and when your ready, open your heart up to another fur baby that needs you as much as you need them?
This is our Nina Girl. 

She was about 3 years old here.
She was about 3 years old here.