Summer time fun! 10 must have items

cartoon-sun-hiSummer time is here, let the fun begin. cartoon-sun-hi

This summer I am fortunate to have more time with my kids and I want to make their summer fun but educational as well. I want to show my kids another side to learning besides what they’ve been doing in school. I would like for the kids to have some hands on experiences and I know that can mean a messy day. I’m not a Mom that’s afraid of a mess but I do like to have a back up plan and my little monkeys seem to always find the mess. 😉 So I’ve planned a few little road trip adventures to teach them about animals and create some memories learning crafts and outdoor activities. But this monkey Mama never leaves the house with out a few must have items to keep life simpler. 🙂

summer_travel_sticker_icons_6815615 10 must have items
1. Sanitizer/wipes/paper towels/small trash bag – these are most important
2. Change of clothes/shoes – no explanation needed, you know you will need them. (don’t forget underwear)
3. Snacks- Never leave home without peanut butter or gold fish crackers. 
4. Bottled water – grab one for each of you, I promise you’ll thank me later.
5. Sun screen/ hats – I’m in Florida!(maybe that should be #1)
6. Towel – cause someone will pee in their car seat.
7. CD’s – yeah! Kidz Bop
8. Medicine – Benadryl if you live in a buggy state like me.
9. Camera – To capture the day
10. Mommy stuff. – whatever you want but hey, you got the kids covered. ?
Throw everything into a back pack and your set for the day.

 Stay tuned for up dates on our adventures this summer. I’m going to give each kid a memories box to keep souvenirs and decorate the outside with stickers from the places we visit. brown-travel-briefcases-with-smiling-face

It’s gonna be a great Summer! Stay safe ?