Happy Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day is here ūüėČ

I have always tried to lead by example when it comes to helping others. Kids can be the best of helpers when they are little but as they get bigger they need motivation to lend a helping hand. Any time I “purge” from my kids¬†stock pile of toys or clothes I try to tell them where the items will go and who they will help. I think having them involved in choosing¬†items they don’t need or use anymore helps¬†them think of who that next person will be. Thinking of the next person is the best way I can explain why we should let go of things, lend a helping hand or part with a few dollars to help a good cause.

My kids have been so excited for the past month about Red Nose Day. They saw the display when we stopped in Walgreens after school one day. I allowed them to each get a red nose, “This is the best day ever” said my son. That got him asking questions about what the $1¬†donation was going towards and “What was Red Nose Day?” We looked it up and they immediately decided we needed to celebrate. Today we did, we bought Red Nose gear and it was fun taking silly pictures. Before bed I let them watch a little of the Red Nose Day show and after listening to a few stories and hearing people donate my son says “Hey Mom, I wish there was a way I could donate my $6 dollars.” He was proud to know that the money we spent on Red Nose products went to help needy children.

This Mama was very proud of her little monkeys today.

Red Nose Day       Red Nose family selfie


Photo with Walgreens employee Mr. Orie
Photo with Walgreens employee Mr. Orie