Kids and Pets

Do you ever find yourself listening to someone talking about their kids and you interrupt to tell a similar story about your dog or cat. Well congratulations you’re the proud parent of a “fur baby”.  I find myself chatting with clients about their pet and family and I never leave the room without telling something about one of my little monkeys. People that treat their pets like “kids” have the best stories too, some maybe a bit different but you can see the love and loyalty. *Smile*

Dog takes over bed                          Shepard

If I had a penny for every time some one said to me that their pet was their life or their child, I would have A LOT of pennies. The fact of the matter is most pets these days are considered one of the family. “My child” “My grand dog” “The love of my life”. I remember when I first started in the veterinary field, dogs were dogs and cats were cats. Today we as a society have rooms for our pets, clothes depending on the weather, play dates, daycare, beaches, I could go on and on. Most people spend as much or more on their pet as they would their child and if the pet is considered the “child” then look out pet stores!

funny animal                    Pet-Wedding

We buy things for our fur babies and are probably more excited than they are about the gift. Oh sure they show excitement and run around with it and play with it for a little bit but soon that awesome toy or treat is in corner and the little monkey is playing with the packaging. I have never met a cat or toddler that didn’t love a box or laundry basket. Those make the best pictures anyway!! 😉

IMG_1297_edited  iphone2016 2504

Kids and Pets are good for your soul. We run through life so fast sometimes and forget to soak up the good stuff. Enjoy that unconditional love…. It’s the good stuff. 😉