Pot Pie Puffs – Quick and Tasty

 Pre heat oven to 400

1 can of home style biscuits, 1 can of chicken pot pie soup (chunky), 1 bag of frozen mixed veggies and 3 boneless/skinless chick thighs. 

These Pot Pie Puffs are quick and easy and so tasty.   

Stir fry chunk chopped chicken thighs and season to taste. I buy the frozen mixed veggies in the steamer bag and cook one bag and mix with the can of chunky chicken pot pie soup ( soup cooks in the oven) then add cooked chicken. Open biscuits and cut about half of them in half,  enough to fill your muffin sheet. Spray the muffin tin and baking sheet with non stick spray. Press each half of the biscuit in to the muffin tin and make a cup, then spoon mixture in each cup until full.(cheese on top is optional) You should have extra biscuits and mix so just flatten out the remaining whole biscuits and spoon a heap of mix in the center and top it with another flat biscuit. Pinch the edges or press around with a fork to seal edges, add fork pokes on top for venting. Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes. Depending on your stove you may have to adjust temp or time. I like to take soft butter or margarine and brush it on top and edges when they come out of the oven.


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Quick tips:

Make up different versions of these puffs for on the go breakfast or an easy to pack lunch. These puffs freeze well and are hot and delicious within a minute or two in the microwave. My son is particularly fond of the bacon,egg and cheese biscuit puffs. There are many possibilities to make quick little deserts also, double yum!!

Here are links to a couple of recipe sites I like to visit. Let me know what you think, Thanks